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Emergency Management & Safety Protocols Overview

Chaparral Star Academy and its stakeholders expect that schools are safe havens for education. However, CSA cannot predict exactly when and where an incident is going to happen. This unpredictability means that every staff member must be prepared to ensure efficient and effective management of any incident. Through its whole-community emergency management program, CSA takes steps to ensure that the school will continue to provide a safe, orderly learning environment. The CSA emergency management program is comprehensive, all-hazard in nature and embraces state and federal standards as well as proven practices.
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CSA is responsible for prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery programs. CSA has emergency preparedness and operations plans, and continually conducts drills and training with its staff and students. We partner with our local and regional first responders and emergency management personnel to ensure we are prepared to provide exceptional service before, during and after any emergency conditions.  Emergency Operations Plans are reviewed annually and updated as necessary.