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Admissions FAQ

Frequently Asked Admissions Questions:

I filled out an online Admissions Application for the current year.  Now What?

You will receive a courtesy call informing you of the status of your application (e.g. spot awarded or waiting list).  However, feel free to call  the school to inquire about the status.

I filled out an online Admissions Application for the next school year (during the Open Enrollment period).  Now What?

At the end of the open enrollment period, a lottery (date to be announced on the website and via local media) will be conducted to determine placement.  Applicants will be contacted and informed of the results.

Where is my child on the waiting list?

Once a grade becomes filled (15 per session in grades K-8th, 15 per class in high school), all students are placed on the waiting list.  The priority on the waiting list is determined by lottery selection, with sibling priority.  If a spot becomes available after the grade has been filled, then the application at the top of the waiting list will fill the vacant spot.  It is at this point that you will be contacted and asked to fill out the Enrollment Form.  A courtesy call will be made to inform you of your child’s spot on the waiting list upon initial processing of the application.  However, feel free to contact the front office at any point to get an update of your child’s status.

Do students on the waiting list typically get into the school?

This is a difficult question to answer.  There really isn’t a way to determine whether or not your child’s chances are “good.”  It completely depends on whether or not the applications above actually take a spot.

Before the Open Enrollment Period, we conduct a re-enrollment process where current students indicate whether or not they would like to return for the following school year.  Those students, combined with the students from our Open Enrollment Period (once discipline has been verified) typically fills up our 1st – 8th grade openings.  However, at the beginning of the school year, some students do not show on the first week of school and are ultimately withdrawn from the school.  This creates vacancy.  Also, new students may not think that Chaparral Star Academy is the best choice for them and transfer to another school after the school year has already begun.  This also creates vacancy, but not necessarily at the beginning of the year.

When will I find out if my child has a spot?

For the subsequent year, the lottery will take place directly after the open enrollment period.  Soon afterward, all applicants will be contacted and informed of the results of the lottery.

For the current year, a courtesy call will be made to inform you of your child’s spot on the waiting list (or available spot) upon initial processing of the application.  After that, you will be contacted if your child moves up the waiting list and receives a spot.

We have been at Chaparral Star Academy for years.  Do we really need to attend the “Round Up”?

Yes.  All students (new and continuing) must attend the annual “Round Up.”

Do we need to live in a particular area to attend CSA?


The geographic boundaries for Chaparral Star Academy spread pretty far from its location. The area to be served by our program will include student residing in Academy ISD, Austin, ISD, Bartlett ISD, Bastrop ISD, Belton ISD, Coupland ISD, Del Valle ISD, Dripping Springs ISD, Eanes ISD, Florence ISD, Georgetown ISD, Granger ISD, Hays CISD, Holland ISD, Hutto ISD, Jarrell ISD, Killeen ISD, Lago Vista ISD, Lake Travis ISD, Leander ISD, Lberty Hill ISD, Manor ISD, McDade ISD, Pflugerville ISD, Rogers ISD, Round Rock ISD, Salado ISD, Taylor ISD, Temple ISD & Thrall ISD  As long as a student is a resident in one of the areas listed, he/she can attend CSA.


If you are not sure which ISD you are zoned for, please use TEA's School District Locator.


Do we need to live in a particular area in order to apply to CSA?  If we plan on moving, can we apply now or do we need to wait until we've moved?


You can definitely apply before you move. If you are applying for the subsequent school year and plan on moving before it begins, the student's address must reside within one of the listed ISD's on the first day of school.


However, during the school year, there are a few variables to consider. CSA typically processes applications within 2-3 business days of receiving the application. Once processed and if a spot is offered, we can only hold that spot for short amount of time. We encourage you to apply when you are ready for the student to start attending in case a spot is available.


Are there any fees to attend CSA?


As an open enrollment public charter school, there is no tuition charged to attend CSA.




Admission to Chaparral Star Academy and all programs, including Special Education, will not be based on gender, national origin, ethnicity, religion, and disability, academic or athletic ability.  Chaparral Star Academy is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  Chaparral Star Academy reserves the right to cancel individual courses or grades or to combine grade levels with insufficient enrollment.


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