Our Amazing Students

In accordance with its mission, Chaparral Star Academy is home to some amazing students who earn superior accolades for his/her craft. Here, we honor and promote those distinctions to encourage their passion.

Student Figure Skating    Student Figure Skating


03/12/2020 - Elise Little competed in an ice skating competition for the first time in 7 years due to her back injury several years ago.  She is ice dancing now and placed 2nd in the Junior solo dance combined event at the Denver Invitational.

    Kara Gymnast   kara gymnast
02/29/2020 - 7th grader Kara walker received a Silver on Floor, Bronze in Vault, and 5th in All-Around at the Yellow Rose Invitational in Pearland. 
Gymnastics Student Colt Walker  Gymnastics Student Colt Walker
02/27/2020 - Senior Colt Walker managed to get over his first hurdle to try out for the Olympic team at the Winter Cup. He set himself up for the next hurdle by qualifying to compete as a Senior at the US Championships in June 2020. He also continued to compete on day 2 as a Senior at Winter Cup and managed to come in 8th! In the second day of competition, he ended up in the same rotation with the Senior Olympic Training Center. Yes...that is Sam Mikulak beside Colt.