High School Curriculum

Ever since its inception, Chaparral Star Academy has always held strong to a curriculum philosophy of “above and beyond the TEKS.”  The state standards, TEKS – Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, serves as a springboard for CSA teachers when choosing state-approved publishers.


At CSA, to help with student success progression, publisher decisions are grouped according to students in grades K-5, 6-8, and 9-12.  For example, all students in grades K-5 will encounter the same math publisher to support continuity.    


TEKS are also aligned with Texas College & Career Readiness Standards across all grades.  To ensure success for English Language Learners, all lesson plans & curriculum are also aligned with the Texas English Language Proficiency Standards.


Want to know which high school courses are offered and which universities our graduates have attended?


For more information on high school, such as courses offered and elective descriptions, please visit the High School Overview section of the website.  The High School Profile will provide some great information on our most recent graduating class.


Chaparral Star Academy has adopted the following publishers for each associated core subject area:


ALL High School AP Courses follow CollegeBoard AP Curriculum

English III (AP)

English IV (AP)

World History (AP)

US History (AP)

Calculus AB (AP)

Physics 1 (AP)

Physics 2 (AP)

Spanish IV (AP)

Spanish V (AP)


High School Writing Curriculum

Houghton Mifflin-Harcourt Write Source (English I- IV)


High School Literature Curriculum

EMC Mirrors & Windows (English I-IV)


High School Math Curriculum

McGraw-Hill Texas Algebra I (Algebra I & Algebra I (Honors))

McGraw-Hill Texas Geometry (Geometry & Geometry (Honors))

McGraw-Hill Texas Algebra II (Algebra II & Algebra II (Honors))

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt PreCalculus with Limits (PreCalculus (Honors))

McDougal Littel Calculus (Calculus AB (AP))


High School Science Curriculum

Houghton Mifflin Biology (Biologu & Biology (Honors))

Houghton Mifflin Modern Chemistry (Chemistry & Chemistry (Honors))

Houghton Mifflin Physics (Physics)

Cengage College Physics (Physics 1 (AP) & Physics 2 (AP))

Houghton Mifflin Environmental Systems (Environmental Systems)


High School Social Studies Curriculum

McGraw-Hill World Geography (World Geography)

McGraw Hill World History (World History)

Bedford, Freeman & Worth Ways of the World (World History (AP))

McGraw Hill US History Since 1877 (US History)

Bedford, Freeman & Worth America’s History (US History (AP))

McGraw Hill Government & Economics


Aligning with another foundational concept of “teacher educational freedom,” each teacher has individual independence for lesson plan creation, curriculum alignment and method of instruction.  For curriculum & instruction questions related to a particular subject and/or grade, CSA always recommends communicating directly with the respective teacher (emails & subjects taught can be found on the Teacher Directory).