Transcript Requests

Please follow the Transcript Request Link to submit a request for a transcript. 

Transcripts display high school graduation credit earned and are available for students in 8th - 12th grade (or if a student has earned high school credit in a course).  If you are needing grade records for non-high school courses (e.g. students in grades K-7th), please contact the front office to request a respective report card.

Only one school/upload per request.  In other words, if a student wants to send the transcript to numerous schools/locations, please submit a separate request for each school (i.e. please do not put multiple schools on one form). 

Students should allow at least 3 FULL BUSINESS DAYS for all transcript requests to be completed!  Especially at peak times throughout the year, it may take up to 10 business days to fulfill a transcript request.  However, typically, requests are filled within 3-5 business days.  Students should plan ahead as last minute transcript requests may not be completed on time.

For seniors who use online application processes (e.g. Common Application), please realize that the online program will not e-mail CSA administration (e.g. Mr. Barnett) prompting for a mid-year (7 semester) to be uploaded.  Please submit a transcript request form!  Please do not assume that CSA administration will automatically upload the transcript or that the program will e-mail the front office.

Final transcripts are typically not available until mid-June (approximately two weeks after graduation).  Historically, seniors who want to take summer courses at ACC right after graduation can have a bit of a paperwork issue because of this. We recommend communicating directly with ACC & Mr. Barnett to work out any associated logistics.