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Google Classroom

Google Classroom
Google Classroom is where some teachers will POST ASSIGNMENTS for students, including due dates.  Teachers may also require students to submit assignments via Google Classroom. 
You will need your child's school e-mail address & password
to log into Google Classroom.

If you can't locate the information, please contact Lety Mendoza.


Assignments for AM (morning) students will be posted by noon daily, while assignments for PM (afternoon) students will be posted by 4:15pm daily.

If you are looking for the GRADES that a student has earned on assignments in Google Classroom, you will need to login to Ascender ParentPortal.
To access your child's individual Google Classroom, login to his/her Google Suite and then head over to 
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Are you getting too many emails from Google Classroom???
Students can change their notifications so their inbox can focus on the important e-mails teachers & administration send out. Watch the video below or look at the document to see how: