Lice Information

Once a report of suspected head lice (Pediculosis) has been received by the front office, administration will immediately screen potentially infected students (e.g. all students in the same class).  If an infestation exists, parents of respective students will be notified immediately but not later than 48 hours after administration has become aware of the situation

Additionally, all parents/legal guardians of all students in the same class will be informed of the situation if the infestation exists immediately, but not later than the 5th school day after administration has become aware of the situation.

If a student is found to have head lice, he/she will be sent home immediately.  If a parent cannot be contacted, the student will be quarantined until a family member or emergency contact can be reached.  He/she is allowed to return to school once one FDA-approved medicated shampoo or lotion treatment has been given (or accompanying note from a physician or a recognized life treatment facility stating the student has been cleared to return to school).

Below are some information sheets that can help parents & students: