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Grade Advancement

Students who wish to skip a grade (1st through 8th) at Chaparral Star Academy must register with the school at any point during the year, and order the respective credit-by-exams (CBE) for acceleration (sometimes listed as EA) from the University of Texas at Austin K-16 Education Center or Texas Tech UISD

UT-Austin offers at-home proctoring for 3rd - 8th grade & high school skills, while Texas Tech offers at-home proctoring for all grades.  Also, Chaparral Star Academy offers an individually-specific schedule for all students wishing to advance (e.g. no specific school-wide testing opportunities).

If a physical exam is ordered, UT or TTUISD will send the exam to Chaparral Star Academy, where testing will take place. Test dates and times will be individually based on parent request. Students who earn at least 80% on each (and all) of the four areas of the grade level test (Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies; both semesters if applicable) will be allowed to skip the grade tested when returning to Star the following school year. CSA will not advance a student in a particular subject based on scores (e.g. student is in 5th grade math and 4th grade ELA, Science & Social Studies).

For example, if a student were currently in grade 4 and wishes to skip grade 5, the student would take all necessary grade 5 credit-by-exams in the spring of his/her 4th grade year (or summer before 5th). If he/she earns 80% on each (and all) subject area of the 5th grade test, he/she would return to Star in the fall as a 6th grader. Preparation for the exams is the responsibility of the student and parent. Star teachers should not be expected to provide materials nor consultation for grade advancement. Tests are written by the UT K-16 Education Center or TTUISD, and review sheets are available from them. Score reports are sent to students, usually after two weeks. Students are only offered two opportunities for grade advancement.

All grade advancement opportunities need to be completed by July 15th before the year in which the student wishes to “skip.”