8th Grade

CSA starts prepping students for college choice, applications & entrance during a student’s 8th grade year.


In accordance with TEC 28.016, Chaparral Star Academy provides instruction in preparing students for high school, college, and postsecondary careers to all 8th graders during the spring semester.  The Dean of Students goes into the classrooms and works with the students throughout the semester, providing six different modules to help them start their journey.


Topics include information about the creation of a high school personal graduation plan, distinguished level of achievement, endorsements, college readiness standards, and potential career choices with education needed to enter those careers.


Presentations are recorded and uploaded to the High School, College & Career (HSCC) Preparation Instruction section of our website.


Instruction begins with introducing to the College & Career Readiness standards, which are incorporated into the rigorous curriculum of all core high school courses.  Students then move into exploring various careers that match with individual interests and goals.


Students utilize Naviance to complete an interest inventory to determine possible future career paths.


Students are then introduced to the various Programs of Study offered at CSA and are instructed in all of the details of a Texas graduation plan under HB5.


After the HSCC instruction has been provided, the Dean of Students schedules an individual meeting with every 8th grader and his/her parent(s)/legal guardian(s) to draft up and approve a 4-year personal graduation plan.  During the meeting, parents & students discuss the postsecondary goals of the student and determine course selection for the freshman year and beyond.