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Records Retention

Title 6, Subtitle C, Local Government Code (Local Government Records Act), provides that each local government must establish an active and continuing records management program.  In accordance with code and consistent with the Local Government Records Act and in the interests of cost-effective and efficient record-keeping, the following represents the board-approved policy for local records retention.


All documents, papers, letters, books, maps, photographs, sound or video recordings, microfilm, magnetic tape, electronic media, or other information recording media, regardless of physical form or characteristic and regardless of whether public access to it is open or restricted under the laws of the state, created or received by Chaparral Star Academy or any of its officers or employees pursuant to law or in the transaction of public business are hereby declared to be the records of Chaparral Star Academy and shall be created, maintained, and disposed of in accordance with the provisions of this ordinance or procedures authorized by it and in no other manner.


All records as defined above are the property of Chaparral Star Academy.  No official or employee of Chaparral Star Academy has, by virtue of his or her position, any personal or property right to such records even though he or she may have developed or compiled them.  The unauthorized destruction, removal from files, or use of such records is prohibited.


Chaparral Star Academy will provide for efficient, economical, and effective controls over the creation, distribution, organization, maintenance, use, and disposition of all records of this office through a comprehensive system of integrated procedures for the management of records from their creation to their ultimate disposition, consistent with the requirements of the Local Government Records Act and accepted records management practice.


The Registrar, Mr. Tyler Nobles, will serve as records management officer for Chaparral Star Academy as provided by law and will ensure that the maintenance, destruction, electronic storage, or other disposition of the records of this office are carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Local Government Records Act.


Appropriate records control schedules issued by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission shall be adopted by the records management officer for use in Chaparral Star Academy, as provided by law. Any destruction of records of Chaparral Star Academy will be in accordance with these schedules and the Local Government Records Act.

Chaparral Star Academy records are stored in accordance with the applicable minimum retention schedules adopted by the State Library and Archives Commission.   Items not listed on the schedule should be removed and stored locally or destroyed.

Chaparral Star Academy Adopted Retention Schedules    


Storage of Campus/Department Records:

Only items which are listed on the retention schedule should be stored.  Care should be taken to eliminate retention of duplicate copies of items.

Destruction of Records:

Expired records may be destroyed by a secure shredding company and documentation of shredding kept on file.
Storage of Student Permanent Folders:

  • Elementary and Middle School Records (KG-8th grade) are sent for destruction and disposal after 5 years, UNLESS the student moves into high school, then the record remains active.
  • High School Transcripts (9-12 grade) are filed for permanent storage 1 year after graduation or withdraw.


Under the Texas Library and Archives Commission (TSLC) Local Schedule SD guidelines, the retention period for cumulative records of achievement in grades PreK – 8th is (5) years after date of withdrawal.  To ensure that Chaparral Star Academy aligns with TSLC guidelines, records that have reached their retention period are permanently destroyed.