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Student Name & Gender Declaration Form

Chaparral Star Academy realizes that many students prefer to be identified by a first name that is different from their legal first name. In Texas, upon a student’s enrollment, districts are required to record the student’s legal name. We are able to collect the preferred first name and use it for many of our systems, but in some cases because of legal requirements, we must report the legal first name.

CSA strives to be an inclusive district and we recognize the importance of self-identification to our students.

The following list details some of the documents where a legal first name is required by law and the preferred first name will not be listed, printed or displayed: College exams (including but not limited to SAT/ACT/PSAT/TSIA2), College applications, College letters of recommendation, Official college/university transcripts, High school diploma, Career and technology certifications and Texas state exams (STAAR, EOC, etc.).

In contrast to permanent school records; however, teachers and other school district employees often informally address students by, and have non-permanent school records that reflect, preferred names or nicknames that are not a student’s legal first name. For example, a student’s preferred first name and gender will be used in speaking with the student and for class rosters, identification badges, awards, and any other similar purpose. The Office of Civil Rights and the Department of Justice’s 2021 guidance cites a failure to address a student by the student’s chosen name and pronouns as an example of sex- based discrimination within the agencies’ enforcement authority under Title IX.

With regards to all non-official documentation and correspondence and verbal identifications, students may request to be addressed by a “preferred” name corresponding with their gender identity without first obtaining a court order or any medical or mental health diagnosis or treatment. A parent or legal guardian may also request that their child be informally and verbally addressed by the student’s preferred name without first obtaining a court order or any medical or mental health diagnosis or treatment by submitting the form below: