In compliance with Austin's Shelter-In-Place, students to return on May 4, 2020.

UPDATED: MARCH 24, 2020:
Chaparral Star Academy will stand with our Mayor's directive to "stay home and stay safe.'' Although instruction continues, classes on campus are cancelled through April 13, 2020.
In the interest of safety for students and staff, Chaparral Star Academy will remain closed through April 5, 2020. K-3 students have instructional packets (mailed last Friday to students who were absent that day), and students in grades 4-12 are equipped with school-issued Chromebooks with access to Google Classroom. Updates on additional educational sites will be posted periodically.

Commissioner Morath shared some information this morning and will continue to communicate with superintendents throughout our situation.

Governor Abbott has waived ALL mandatory STAAR testing, although districts are advised to follow security measures on any and all shipped materials. TEA will soon provide guidance on grade level promotion and graduation, but The Commissioner indicated that these will likely be determined at a district level.

TEA is seeking a waiver on TELPAS requirements and more information will come forward this week.
TEA is also reaching out to College Board regarding AP and SAT.

TEA budget is operational, and as long as districts confirm that they are continuing instruction (which we are), there will be no interruption in employee compensation.

CSA students are encouraged to remain at home, continue to seek instructional pursuits and stay safe.

Please expect periodic updates.