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Chaparral Star Academy will stand with our Mayor's directive to "stay home and stay safe.'' Although instruction continues, students will not return to school for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year.
K-3 students have instructional packets (mailed last Friday to students who were absent that day), and students in grades 4-12 are equipped with school-issued Chromebooks with access to Google Classroom.  Students with Internet Access, Google Classroom, written material or text assignments are responsible for submitting assignments on the due date stated by respective teachers.
Final grades for 2019-20 will be calculated as follows:
Six week grades for cycle 1-4 will constitute 67% of the final grade. The average of six weeks 5 and 6 will count for the remaining 33%.
First semester final grade constitutes 50% of the yearly grade. When calculating semester two, six weeks four will count 50% of semester two, with the average of six week five and six counting as the remaining 50% of second semester.
Governor Abbott has waived ALL mandatory STAAR testing for Spring 2020. 
Current information for SAT can be found on the SAT section of the school's website.
The New AP schedule can be found on the AP Coronavirus Updates website.

Mental Health

Travis County: Integral Care/Mobile Crisis             Phone (24/7): 512-472-HELP (4357)

Williamson County: Bluebonnet Trails/Mobile Crisis         Phone (24/7): 1-800-841-1255

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline        Phone (24/7): 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Covid-19 Mental Health Support Line (24/7)        1-833-986-1919


Virtual Therapy

All of these are also available as apps for your iPhone or Android



Doctor on Demand


If you suspect child abuse or neglect:

Non-urgent: Texas Abuse Hotline

Urgent (needs response within 24 hours): 1-800-252-5400

Emergency: call 911 or mobile crisis at 512-472-HELP (4357) for Travis County or 1-800-841-1255 for Williamson County


If you need or want to donate food, clothing, household items, and/or financial assistance:

Central Texas Food Bank

Austin Area Food Pantries

Williamson County Food Pantries


If you need Internet, Spectrum is offering it for students for free.  Call: 1-844-488-8395