Middle School Overview

Chaparral Star Academy’s middle school (6th – 8th grade) focuses on providing students with opportunities to grow his/her academic, emotional, and social abilities while preparing students for the rigor of high school.  Our students are exposed to numerous in-class activities that both challenge and support student learning in an environment that promotes higher-level learning.


Utilizing a quality literature framework, teachers balance classroom instruction with hands-on activities and project-based approaches to help support a love of learning.


Middle School Student Smiling at Teacher


Our 6th & 7th grade students spend their day exploring three core courses (Math, Science & Social Studies), a double-block of English Language Arts to allow for a concentration on both reading comprehension and continual improvement in writing skills, along with physical education.  6th grade students enjoy monthly art enrichment projects during their double-block ELA course.  Health and Technology instruction are embedded into the core instruction to give students a well-rounded, 21st century education. 


In an effort to prepare our 8th grade students for high school and respective graduation requirements, each student takes 2 high school courses (typically Spanish I and an elective course) while delving into English Language Arts, Math, Science & Social Studies.  7th grade students who demonstrate strong mathematical ability also have the opportunity to take Algebra I, a freshman-level math course, during his/her 8th grade year. 


Middle School Students Talking to Each Other


During the spring semester, 8th grade students are also provided instruction in High School, College and Career (HSCC) preparation.  Following completion of HSCC modules, 8th graders arrange an individual meeting with his/her parent(s)/legal guardian(s) and the Dean of Students to draft and complete a 4-year personal high school graduation plan that matches the post-secondary goals of the student. 


Our middle school teachers achieve at maintaining childhood integrity in the classrooms as each develop a strong rapport with students.  Students feel welcomed in our classrooms and are encouraged to blossom into strong, respectful and mature young adults.  A playful comradery exists amongst our middle school students because of the inherent community aspect to our model.  The small nature of our school does a lot to deter clicks, creating a positive social environment.