Elementary School Overview

Chaparral Star Academy’s elementary school (Kindergarten – 5th grade) focuses on providing students with opportunities to grow his/her academic, emotional, and social abilities.  Our students are exposed to numerous in-class activities that both challenge and support student learning in a fun and age-appropriate setting.


Highly motivated, dedicated and knowledgeable teachers deliver a strong curriculum that promotes higher-level critical thinking skills, intellectual excellence, teamwork along with independence, and mutual respect for other students.  Utilizing a blended learning environment, teachers balance classroom instruction with hands-on activities and project-based approaches to help students develop a love of learning.

 Elementary Student Smiling

Our lower elementary students (Kindergarten – 3rd grade) spend their day focused on the four core courses (English Language Arts, Math, Science & Social Studies) along with physical education and a rotation of enrichment activities (art, music, theatre and health).  Technology skills are also embedded in core and enrichment activities to give students a well-rounded, 21st century education.


Daily routines for 4th & 5th grade students include a double-block of English Language Arts to allow for a concentration on both reading comprehension and continual improvement in writing skills.  Math, Science, Social Studies and physical education round out their day.  Art, Health, Music, Theatre and Technology instruction are embedded into the core instruction to allow students to reach his/her full potential. 


Elementary Students Walking


CSA maintains a low teacher attrition rate, with the same combination of 6 teachers having the same position for over 6 years.  This continuity strengthens the impact of instruction to help prepare students for the exact expectations of next year’s teacher.


Sprinkled throughout the school year, our elementary students also receive social education instruction led by our student success counselor.  Discussions involving anti-bullying, integrity, tattling versus reporting, and how to deal with worrying occur with our students to help promote a positive understanding of one's self and others.