More Students Needed to Report On Campus Last Six-Weeks

State funding is the only way we keep CSA up and running in the exemplary fashion we’ve come to appreciate.  Due to large numbers of withdrawn and absent students, TEA extended what they term “hold harmless” for funding for last semester.  Simply put, all Texas schools received the same funding last semester as they did for the fall semester of 2019.  To receive this same guaranteed funding for semester II, each school must demonstrate a sound increase in the number of in-person students reported during the last six week period (April 19-June 4).  The target TEA has set for Chaparral Star Academy is 46.2% of our total enrollment.  Students on the hybrid track are aggregated in this total.  CSA administration is asking parents to please consider sending students in-person during the last grading cycle and assist in protecting the funding we so vitally need to keep our doors open.