CSA Emergency Closure, Tuesday-Thursday, February 16 -18, 2021

Dear CSA Family:
It is my understanding that our current situation is not likely to improve and so many are without power, water and have limited cell service.  We put up the good fight and the efforts of everyone are to be commended.
Starting now, Chaparral Star Academy is officially closed for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (no remote learning...just closed).  We can submit a TEA waiver and get forgiveness for the three days without having to utilize our weather days or make up in summer.  So this means we'll keep this Friday as a holiday.
Please take care of one another and know we will resume with some level of normalcy on Tuesday (for students), Monday for staff.
Warm regards,
Marsha Hagin
Chaparral Star Academy
14046 Summit Drive
Austin, Texas 78728