The Plan Moving Forward

Our initial four-week stint of virtual instruction will end on Thursday, September 17th.  Our Governing Board approved and we submitted a TEA waiver for a second four-week period to run from September 18th-October 16th.  A pivotal piece of TEA’s requirement for the second four-week virtual platform is that “some on-campus instruction must be provided each day” during the extended period.  In determining which students benefit most from in-person learning, administration felt that our younger students stood to gain the most from being on campus.

Starting September 18th, we will invite kindergarten students who wish to come to campus in person to do so.  Students will report each day during their assigned session.  This format will allow small groups of our early learners to adopt the safety measures we have established and acclimate themselves to our daily instructional routine.

On October 2nd, we will invite first graders who want to learn in person to join us.

Parents of kindergarten and first grade students may expect the surveys that indicate learning platform choice later today (via email).  Surveys are due by midnight September 11th.

Surveys for students in grades 2-12 will be distributed on September 26th and are due by midnight October 2nd.  Current plans for on-campus instruction for those who choose the platform have a start date of October 19th.  Details on configuration will follow soon.