Student Support

Eve Margolis, our ELL Parent Liaison/Student Support will be on hand remotely and in person on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Her primary function is to provide support for any CSA student in need.  She can:

  • Help with language, understanding content and assignments, revising and completing classwork, organizational or planning skills, and staying connected to the school in general.
  • Assist students in finding resources to support assignments, such as videos, low readability books and writing assignments.
  • Provide videos/pdf or links on how to organize, prepare, take notes, and study‚Ķ.whatever teachers think students need or what parents may request.

Ms. Margolis will have regular online office hours, mornings and evenings, as well as by appointment.  She can also meet with students in person when she is on campus.

Teachers may refer students or students may contact her at:

Office hours
10:30am-12pm and 1pm-2:30pm M-F
or by appointment
You or your teachers can contact me if your grades are suffering or you are having trouble turning in assignments. I can help with: 
  • starting projects and assignments
  • focusing and revising writing assignments
  • reviewing work before you turn it in
  • video presentations
  • studying for tests
  • planning your study schedule
Come to my office hours or schedule an appointment, including evenings or weekends.