Last year’s “Graduation on the Grounds” was sosuccessful that we plan something similar for this year.  Our ceremony is scheduled for 7:00 PM on June5th.  Grads will be assigned adesignated spot in the hall where we will maintain social distancing until timefor each one to take his/her place on the stage for individualrecognition.  Following the presentation,each senior will return to his/her spot to prepare for the final march.

Guests may bring chairs or blankets (no seating isprovided) to assemble on the front lawn. Even though this is an outside event, we ask that guests are limited to10 per graduate and follow CDC guidelines on pod distance.

We have secured a sound technician to ensure aquality experience and we have the stage backdrop from last year.

Our featured speaker is Texas State Representative,James Talarico.

Personalized yard announcements for each graduatehave been ordered, as has the three-dimensional lawn display that last year’sgroup utilized for family/friend photos. Mrs. Greenwell is organizing a “Class of 21” t-shirt design and PTSOwill purchase one for each senior in addition to presenting the grads a $25Amazon gift card.

Our plans are in the works!





GRADUATION 2021JUNE 5, 2021, 7:00PM


1.   CDC recommendsthat schools cap the number of participants at the ceremony.  CSA recommends that each graduate invites 6-8guests to allow for social distancing between families.  Names of the guests should be sent by eachgraduate via email to

2.   Arriving guestsshould make every effort to exit vehicles when no one is near and move quickly tothe chosen family area.

3.   Family groupsmust maintain six feet of distance from others.

4.   All ceremonyparticipants must wear face masks (Grads may remove masks for photos andindividual presentations).

5.   CDC recommendsthat no photo taken during or at the conclusion of the ceremony should featuremore than five people.

6.   Guests areasked to bring lawn chairs or blankets and bug spray.

7.   Chaparral StarAcademy is closed so no restroom facilities are available.

8.   During theperiod June 1-4, everyone planning on attending CSA 2020 Graduation mustcomplete the CSA Graduation Health Screen. Graduates are responsible for insuring that they, family members and allguests complete the survey found here.






Pleasekeep in mind that we will take all precautions to follow rules set down byhealth officials.

Pleasearrive at 6:30 with a mask, your cap (tassel on your right) and gown and NHSHonor Cords (for NHS members).  Whileentering the main door, please note where your name is placed on the chairs inthe front of the building.  This isimportant because we will not have a pre-ceremony practice and you will need toknow where to sit.  Once inside, pleasefind your socially distanced name plate on the floor and stand there.  Mrs. Hagin will distribute medallions.

At7:00 PM we will begin our distanced march out the doors next to Mrs. Hagin’soffice (Exit 4) and proceed slowly to assigned seats. Please remain standinguntil Mrs. Hagin gives the signal to be seated.

Followingthe welcome, featured speaker and speeches by Val and Sal, Mr. Barnettt willindividually call each graduate to the stage for presentation.  Please stand to the left of the stage duringyour introduction.  Following Mr.Barnett’s segment, Mrs. Hagin will place the diploma on the white column whereyou may retrieve it.  Mrs. Hagin willthen turn your tassel from the right to the left (you may need to slightlystoop so she may reach it).  Return toyour assigned seat.

Afterthe last grad has been honored, Mrs. Hagin will give the signal to rise and wewill begin our slowly paced, socially distanced walk back to the door where wefirst exited.

Wewill have yard art on the front lawn for photos and encourage all to not havegatherings of more than five individuals in any one group shot.



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