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Strong Start

For 2020-21, CSA will adopt an asynchronous learning model where students will be able to receive instruction in-class and/or at-home.
CSA admin will solicit parent decision to determine which model category respective students will follow for the 2020-21 school year
    • Category #1: On-campus instruction everyday
    • Category #2: On-campus instruction on rotating days/At-home instruction on others
    • Category #3: At-Home instruction every day
Parents can only choose to switch between categories starting at the beginning of each grading cycle.
Teachers will follow the master schedule (K-8th grade courses by period, High School courses by period) when providing instruction for on-campus and remote students.
Teachers will often host a live synchronous Zoom session where students can log in to interact with his/her teacher while the instructor provides instruction, an introduction to a concept, interaction over mastery of concepts and/or feedback on assessments/homework.
Students are expected to act appropriately during Zoom sessions.  CSA expects all students to maintain etiquette while attending Zoom sessions.
Parents & students should contact the respective teacher to determine his/her individual live synchronous Zoom session schedule.
online learning
Remote students will receive instruction via asynchronous activities/assignments. Asynchronous activities/assignments are age-appropriate and curriculum aligned. They are constructed so that completion can be done within the time frame allotted (e.g during the respective period for the course) for a majority of students.
Asynchronous activities/assignments may contain a self-taught instructional mechanism as this is where remote students may be receiving a majority of his/her introduction, exploration & practice with concepts.  The asynchronous activity/assignment is how the student is “taught” the material.
Part of an asynchronous activity/assignment may include watching a recorded live synchronous Zoom session.
online learning
A remote student will be marked as present for the day (or for each course that counts toward high school graduation) based on three factors:
      • Attendance at live synchronous Zoom, if scheduled
      • Submission of asynchronous assignment/activity by 11:59pm
      • Submission of homework by 11:59pm
Attendance for each day will be made by 12:00pm (noon) on the subsequent day (e.g. attendance for Tuesday will be finalized on Wednesday).
attendance chart
Parents & students should be aware that there is a difference between the asynchronous assignment/activity and homework.
K-3rd grade students will receive physical consumable workbooks via a scheduled pickup.  Parents should contact the respective teachers directly for more information.
With the school year starting remotely, all textbooks & materials for 4th - 12th grade students will be completely digital.  Parents & students should contact the respective teachers directly for access logistics.
online learning
Please refer to the document below, which explain various software programs used by CSA to keep parents informed as to the progress of their child. 
TEA's Educational Rights and Responsibilities.
Please refer to the document below for TEA (Texas Education Agency)'s educational rights and responsibilities for parents.
TEA-Approved CSA Asynchronous Plan