Pick-Up & Drop-Off 2021-22

Chaparral Star Academy is a unique environment, and part of that is our drop-off & pick-up procedures.  This is especially true at noontime when both morning pick-up and afternoon drop-off are happening at the same time.

We ask that drivers follow the procedures outlined in the transportation documents:

Please realize a few procedures regarding noontime transportation:

  • K & 1st grade are separated from the main circle.  However, we ask that all parents/drivers remain in his/her vehicle as staff members will help students load & unload.  Parking and walking to receive your child can back up traffic and delay swift transportation.
  • Along Summit Drive, please make sure to enter the traffic circle at the end of the line.
  • Local officials have strongly advised against U-turns along Summit Drive.
  • Although it may be a better route for drivers, entering into the traffic circle from Howard Lane creates backup and often impedes efficiency.  Please refrain from this practice and enter the circle from Summit Drive.
  • Along Summit during the peak of transportation, please refrain from “cutting” in front of another vehicle, even though he/she may be afternoon drop-off and you are morning pick-up.  Staff members are on duty to quickly help students out of vehicles, and wait time will be minimal.  Once traffic has slowed, the end of the line will be closer to the front of the school.
  • Please void parking in other, non-school areas (e.g. in front of CPS) and having your child walk through traffic.  Staff members have been instructed to keep all students safe & together.

Along with transportation, timely pick-up of students is essential as staff availability is limited for supervision of late pick-up.  If repeated offenses occur, disciplinary measures could be taken.  Please refer to our procedures: Notice of Late Pickup Procedure