High School Overview

Want to know what our high school is like???  Watch below to find out!!

Chaparral Star Academy’s high school (9th – 12th grade) focuses on preparing students for post-secondary success. Along with the expectation of graduating at the highest levels of requirements available (e.g. distinguished with at least one endorsement), our students receive associated training on how to research college choice, apply to a university, and earn financial aid and scholarships. 


We pride ourselves on our compacted and accelerated curriculum, which allows for highly self-disciplined and self-motivated students to succeed.  Because we go faster in the curriculum than a typical high school, we do maintain a strict homework policy and attendance policy to ensure that students don’t fall behind. 


Our students can take all courses necessary for graduation under all 5 Texas-adopted endorsements on campus.  We also offer Honors versions of English I, English II, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Biology and Chemistry.  Our students can also take AP courses such as English Language and Composition (English III (AP)), English Literature and Composition (English IV (AP)), Calculus AB (AP), Physics 1 (AP), Physics 2 (AP), World History (AP), US History (AP), Spanish Language and Composition (Spanish IV (AP)) and Spanish Literature and Composition (Spanish V (AP)).


A list of high school courses offered at CSA can be found here:

And a list of typical tracks that high school students follow can be found here:

Each year, CSA produces a High School Profile that outlines certain aspects of the graduating class:

Chaparral Star Academy follows the state graduation plans under House Bill 5.  For more information about how CSA handles graduation, please visit CSA's HB5 section of the website. The state also provides plenty of information about HB5, explaining the details of graduation including endorsements, distinguished & performance acknowledgements.

Our students can also take college courses that count toward high school credit through Austin Community College’s Dual Credit program.  ACC Courses are offered on campus and online as well, through the Dual Credit Program.


CSA high school students can also earn credit outside of CSA such as taking correspondence courses through UT-Austin or Texas Tech, passing a credit-by-exam, online courses through the Texas Virtual School Network, or participation in extracurricular athletics or a fine arts program


At the end of every semester, a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) is calculated for each high school student along with a resultant class rank (purely based on GPA).  AP courses and Honors courses receive a weighted GPA to help boost the student’s score.  For more information on GPA, please visit CSA's GPA section of the website.